5 Benefits Of Using SEO And PPC Simultaneously

There is no doubt that SEO and PPC are both great marketing strategies. But while each has its own strengths, combining them can be the force multiplier a business needs. So instead of viewing the two as competing forces, this article looks at five advantages a business can derive from employing SEO and PPC at the same time.

SEO and PPC difference

SEO is part and parcel of website/blog content while PPC forms part of the adverts that direct traffic towards the content; generating leads. In SEO, certain keywords or phrases are woven into the content to achieve good website rankings on search engines.

However, the main thing that sets them apart is the kind of traffic they generate. SEO generates organic traffic while PPC is a branch of Internet marketing that generates pay per click traffic. PPC, therefore, requires a certain amount of payment.

Benefits of combining SEO with PPC

1. Higher online visibility

A winning strategy is one which allocates little room for competitors; which is what this combination does. Search engines, for example, Google will display two kinds of results: Google AdWords ads or PPC and organic search results or SEO.

The organic list is placed in the middle of a search engine result page while AdWords listings are displayed at the margins. This means that a business which employs both SEO and PPC appears on both paid and organic listings, boosting visibility.  This dominance keeps competitors at bay.

2. Better intelligence

SEO and PPC both rely on keywords. By sharing the data gained from employing one strategy with the other, it keeps a business one intelligent step ahead. For example, Google organic search analytics have become a bit hard to conduct. But PPC can still be used to test organic keywords as AdWords. The almost immediate feedback can be used to better leverage an SEO strategy.

SEO, on the other hand, can be used to deduce behavior on websites and blogs. This can then be incorporated when designing a PPC campaign giving a company higher ROIs.

3. Damage control

Negative PR cannot entirely be avoided in a company. But a good combatant is a combination of PPC and SEO. The point is always to guide the conversation towards a damage control point a business wants to make by exploiting visibility. Organic traffic can be in such a way that whenever someone searches for something related to the negative PR, a business’ website should appear first. Second, PPC AdWords should guide the visitor to the damage control section.

4. Withstand unpredictability

A search engine like Google is often making changes to its ranking algorithms which render organic rankings unpredictable from time to time. A business could be on page one today but is nowhere to be seen tomorrow.

However, these unforeseen fluctuations can be avoided if a business is running PPC on a parallel with SEO. As long as ads are well managed, PPC rankings are quite consistent providing a fall back plan in case organic ones fail.

5. Greater chance for lead conversions

Assuming that a website’s landing pages are attractive enough as well as functional, conversions should well be coming in. As stated above, a combination of SEO and PPC increases online visibility which translates to more web visitors. If these visitors find the ideal landing pages, conversions will skyrocket.


As demonstrated, an integrated approach is indeed a force multiplier. Focusing on one single aspect of Internet marketing denies a business potential visibility, traffic, and even conversions. Although different, PPC and SEO should be treated as two sides of the same coin which can bring even greater business success when spread out together.