How To make money online with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell

Affiliate marketing works in such a way that in exchange for promoting a third party product by sending traffic to someone else’ website from yours, a percentage of sales proceeds is received each time a purchase is made through your website’s link.

How does it work for an affiliate?

It may sound easy but it is not necessarily so. It can be done on a part-time basis but those who are successful have made it into a full-time job. However, how successful a person is would depend on the time and effort one devotes to it. Here’s how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

 1. Sites must attract huge amounts of targeted traffic to succeed

Having affiliate links alone is not enough for affiliate marketing. These links must be able to do what they are meant to; attract targeted traffic reaching the website. Most people visiting a blog or website will not necessarily click on a link; they have to be coerced into it, which means a website or blog should be conversation optimized. In a conversation optimized website, an affiliate link is set up such strategically that it is compelling for a user visiting the website. Conversation optimization also requires a compelling website design which may make the user trust the website. In addition to the conversation optimization, it is also important that a website attract huge amounts of targeted traffic. There is a number of ways this can be done such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Free advertising
  • Paid advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization

Among them, search engine optimization is not only the most popular but also the most effective for affiliate marketing. Search engine optimization helps the website gain visibility through a search engine’s free search results thus attracting targeted traffic. To learn more about search engine optimization, speak with experts in the field who show up for search terms like SEO Toronto and Toronto SEO Agency.

2. Decide a product/ service niche

It is possible to market everything under the sun. But if a marketer overstretches themselves, the effectiveness of his/ her work declines. In affiliate marketing, it is good to work with a familiar product or service and more so one someone is enthusiastic about. The likelihood of getting bored is thus lessened and when the money starts coming, productivity will most likely go up.

3. Choose the right marketing model

A product may not naturally fit into existing content or the kind of content an affiliate deals with. However, if there is a deep conviction to promote such a product, there is no need to force it in. it is advisable to opt for a different platform that fits well. For affiliate marketing, this ensures targeting is not only devoted but is made easier.

The model picked or platform should be carefully considered. Otherwise, a marketer ends up just being another spammer on the Internet.

4. Pick the right merchant to promote

What if a customer buys a product or is offered a service as recommended by an affiliate marketer then ends up disappointed? That visitor will most likely bolt and will take others with him/her. To safeguard credibility, it is good to choose wisely the company behind a product or service and ensure that it in itself is credible.

It is prudent to ask around because naturally, a good company has better customer satisfaction out there. Customer satisfaction is what retains customers and generates referrals.

5. Stay updated on current marketing trends

Marketing whether affiliate or not is a competitive field altogether. Those who fall behind on current techniques are trumped upon by the others as they move along. Good affiliate marketers will always keep their eyes peeled and have an ear to the ground as well as develop new marketing techniques by themselves.


Set up things in the right manner and make it happen. Don’t just pray. Also, before you start affiliate marketing make sure to cover all the pros and cons of starting and growing a business to avoid any pitfall.